The Alpha Community Band

by: The Alpha Institute

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The Alpha Institute provides academic, vocational and social services to at-risk youth in the greater Kingston area. The Alpha Community Band is the centerpiece of community music programming at the Alpha School of Music in Kingston.

Support This Cause
Every donation supports community music programs. Just US$5 can provide sheet music, while US$100 pays for rehearsal space & equipment

With two ‘seasons’ annually (September-December and January-June, respectively), the community band provides a year-round public platform for practice and performance in the Kingston community for musicians of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Alpha provides the spaces and equipment for practices and performances, professional band leaders, sheet music and marketing support as well as opportunities for band members and the public to create connections outside of music. The community band currently has 25 regular members and is led by band directors Peter Ashbourne and Leon Ince.

The Alpha Community Band takes an important step toward filling a gap in music education, performance and appreciation in Kingston. The community band also has the important long-term goal of  strengthening band performance culture in Jamaica where brass and woodwind education specialists are extremely rare. In this way, support for the community band also means support for the music education and performance ecosystem in Kingston and Jamaica.