Matching Gifts


Add even more value to your gift!

Matching gifts provide you with an easy way to potentially double, if not triple your original donation!  Many organizations supplement their employees’ contributions to charitable institutions (specification of the match vary based upon each organization).  In fact, your company, a spouse’s company, the company whose board you serve on or even a company that you retired from may match your gift.

If you are not sure that you qualify for a matching gift please use the company search below.  This tool will help provide you with information regarding minimum and maximum match, as well as steps on how to get started.

If you find that your company matches charitable donations to the AFJ, locate the company’s matching gift form on their website or speak with your human resources department.  After the form is completed and signed, mail your gift and form to the address below.  Or, if you recently sent in your gift, feel free to send in a completed form individually.

The American Friends of Jamaica, Inc.
1697 Broadway, Suite 501
New York, NY  10019

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 212-265-2550 with any questions.