Grant making is the focus of the work we do at the American Friends of Jamaica.

We seek to recognize and empower organizations that carry out vital programs to assist Jamaicans in need with grants that support their work to improve the lives of Jamaicans.

We do our work with community groups, NGOs, hospitals, schools and the University of the West Indies (UWI). These entities meet our criteria for measurable impact, an efficient track record and excellence.

We believe in building partnerships with knowledgeable, creative and informed institutions. Our Program Analyst in Jamaica conducts site visits, evaluates progress and submits biannual reports.



We make grants across the spectrum in education: with 9 Scholarships funded annually at the University of the West Indies, tutoring programs for secondary school students, job training programs and a focus on Basic School Education. Quality preschool education has been proven to produce long term improvements in school success and graduation rates. Our grants have provided teacher training and materials in pre-schools across the country and partnered with projects focused on raising school readiness.


We have taken a leading role in the Maternal Health/Handheld Ultrasound project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness & JahJah Foundation. This comprehensive initiative had a dual focus: integrating handheld ultrasound technology into hospitals and providing essential products to expectant mothers in birthing centers across the island.

Additionally, with several major donors and the Ministry of Health and Wellness , we successfully spearheaded the reopening of Chapelton Hospital and played a pivotal role in the renovation and upgrading of May Pen Hospital's Waiting Area for the Outpatient Department.

Economic Development

We evaluate our grants for potential impact on job readiness and job creation as we believe that together with education and health, these form the foundation for development. Our grants include Alpha Boys School’s new music business program, inner-city skills and job training programs and a sustainability initiative at SOS Children’s village.

History of Grants 1982 – 2023


















2023-2024 (1st quarter)