Primary School Academic Development Lab

by: Fortis and Friends Foundation Inc.

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Recognizing the importance of early childhood education in youth development, Fortis and Friends Foundation has established the Primary School Tablet Solution. This program is designed to enhance literacy and math outcomes for primary school students.

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In light of the educational landscape in Jamaica, where statistics from The Reform of Education in Jamaica Report (2021) reveal that only 41% of primary school students are proficient in math, 55% in English Language Arts (ELA), and 33% leave primary school unable to read, Fortis and Friends Foundation Inc. (F3) has taken proactive measures to help bridge these identified gaps. The tablet initiative, a suite of supplementary learning applications, is designed to help students develop their fundamental literacy and numeracy skills.

The organization is currently seeking to introduce its tablet solution in several primary schools, additionally F3 is committed to facilitating the introduction and training of principals and teachers in the schools that will be beneficiaries of the tablet solution. Our goal is to deploy tablets in 3 primary schools in 2024, this would increase the organization’s involvement beyond the 3 primary schools with which we currently partnered. Fortis and Friends Foundation is deeply committed to be a driving force behind the improvement in numeracy and literacy rates in Jamaica.

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