National STEM Center

by: Jamaica STEM for Growth Foundation

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The National STEM Center Capital Campaign seeks to raise US$14 million to build a world-class STEM Center in Jamaica to support local schools in the delivery of their STEM programs. The center will train teachers to deliver a STEM-based curriculum.

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Support This Cause
To achieve growth, we must prepare our people for the new digital economy.

Economists predict that emerging technology industries will be worth trillions of dollars in the next decade. Access to these industries would represent a game changer for Jamaica which has not experienced more than a 1% increase in GDP growth per year for the past two decades. We run the risk of being left back in the economic Dark Ages if we are unable to take advantage of these opportunities.

However, Jamaica’s workforce largely lacks the essential science and mathematical skills and competencies that will allow us to compete in this global economy. Our students consistently underperform in STEM-related subjects because they lack access to laboratory facilities, and not enough of our teachers are trained to teach math and science.

Your donation to the STEM Center Campaign will go towards establishing the National STEM Center, through which we will train more teachers and provide greater access to learning resources for students across the island.

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