Schooling Support and Entrepreneurship Programme

by: LASCO Chin Foundation

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The mission of the LCF is early intervention to help Jamaica’s at-risk youth develop the relationships, goals and capacities needed to become productive members of society, specially as successful entrepreneurs.

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LCF uses it's very own Sustainable Socio-Economic Intervention (SSI) model to uplift disenfranchised youth living in volatile and vulnerable communities.

LCF is a non-profit organization established in June 2018, that adopts a multi-dimensional approach to breaking the cycle of poverty and crime by:
(I)empowering youth aged 18-35 with the hard and soft skills and competencies required to become successful entrepreneurs
(ii)addressing deficiencies in the quality of education offered to at-risk youth as young as 10, in key areas such as formal education, personal development, culture and sport, crime prevention
and environmental awareness.

At the core of the LCF’s strategy is individually-focused, long-term support backed by the
sustained financing of its programmes; your donation strengthens LCF’s contribution to
provide helping hands for a better Jamaica.

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