YUTE Teach Phase II

by: The MultiCare Youth Foundation

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This is a picture of Shannon, a graduate of YUTE Teach Phase I. Through this initiative she achieved her National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQJ) Level II certification in Early Childhood Development. Her YUTE Teach training, which culminated with internship, paved the way for full-time employment after her graduation in June 2021. Today, she is a trained Early Childhood Development practitioner working at Christian Garden Basic School as a Teaching Assistant. There are many more like Shannon that another phase of YUTE Teach can support and empower. Donate to YUTE Teach Phase II and help us provide opportunities for more at-risk youth.

Support This Cause
Providing training, certification, mentorship and jobs in Early Childhood Development for 50 of Jamaica’s most vulnerable youth.

The MultiCare Youth Foundation seeks to empower more vulnerable and at-risk youth with the skills needed to provide sustainability for themselves and their families. With AFJ’s contribution, YUTE Teach Phase I has certified 30 youth for jobs in Jamaica’s education sector. The current graduates have shared how the program has helped them in providing for their children and/or contributing to their families – thereby benefitting over 200 persons and many households. We believe the same is possible for another batch, with your support. We need to raise US$100,000 to provide the same opportunity for 50 more youth.

Your donation will help us in providing certification, life skills training, mentorship and employment for a second contingent of YUTE Teach participants. We believe that given support, young people can demonstrate incredible drive and commitment to change things for the better. Help us to continue to help and empower them.