Read to Succeed

by: Rose Town Foundation

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The READ to SUCCEED project, supported by the American Friends of Jamaica, helps the children of the community through an afternoon homework center and assistance in preparation for GSAT at two locations in the community. In 2016 additional funding was made available to establish an Early Childhood Education program targeting children 3-6 years and this brought in two teachers to facilitate that program.

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Help provide a safe and supportive environment for children in the community.

Participants in the Rose Town Foundation Summer Programme were inspired by life skills and motivational sessions that boost their self-confidence and conflict resolution abilities and exposed them to concepts and opportunities outside of their usual sphere.

Rose Town Foundation works primarily in the areas of housing, access to clean water and promotes social enterprise in the underserved community located in Kingston, Jamaica. The Foundation has helped families obtain housing and is a support resources to the community. To support community development, an important focus for Rose Town Foundation is education.

Over the last 3 years the Foundation hosted summer programs in July for these children, and in 2017 with funding from JSIF the summer program was extended to August to include adolescents and young adult males. Participants were also taken on field trips to various private sector businesses to get a broader understanding of the possible job opportunities that exist. Moving forward, the Foundation seeks support to continue providing a safe and supportive environment for the children of the community and also expand the outreach program to meet the ongoing needs of adolescents, with an emphasis on the work started in the summer of 2017 to build life skills and motivate these youngsters towards a brighter future.

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