Jamaica Environmental Conservation

by: The Jamaica Conservation Partners (JCP)

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The Jamaica Conservation Partners—a project of the C. B. Facey Foundation—is confident that encouraging and enforcing the conservation of Jamaica's natural environment is essential to the sustenance and economic wellbeing of the Jamaican people.

Support This Cause
Without a sustainable environment, there can be no sustainable future.

Jamaica continues to leave a lasting ecological footprint on its natural environment. Recognizing this, the Jamaica Conservation Partners (JCP) has been dedicated to identifying and supporting entities fighting against this legacy of environmental mismanagement. Current partners work to promote the conservation of the natural environment; to foster sustainable environmental development; to facilitate capacity building among environmentalists; and to advance environmental advocacy and awareness.

JCP has supported the fight against encroachment on the border of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park; the development of sustainable biogas technologies; capacity building needed to manage fish sanctuaries across the island; and advocacy for environmental consideration and accountability in public policy. Donating to this cause is one way that Jamaicans, especially those in the Jamaican diaspora, can respond to the urgent need to build a sustainable future for all.