Mending Little Hearts Programme

by: Chain of Hope (Jamaica) Limited

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Each year, approximately 400 children are born with congenital heart disease in Jamaica. Half will need either open-heart surgery or catheter interventions. Over the last 2 decades, with the help of key corporate stakeholders and the Ministry of Health & Wellness, significant investments have been made to improve cardiac care for children in Jamaica including the erection of a state-of-the art Cardiac Centre.

Despite these efforts, however, the families of these heart-sick kids continue to be hampered by inadequate financial resources, inadequate pharmaceuticals, expensive medical disposables, and limited cardiac specialists to carry out these procedures. As a result, the targeted cardiac interventions are not being done consistently – so our children’s condition deteriorate while waiting for some interventions.

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CHAIN OF HOPE JAMAICA – Mending little hearts……creating happier families.

The Chain of Hope Jamaica MENDING LITTLE HEARTS PROGRAMME seeks to support the cardiac team at Bustamante Hospital for Children to increase the number of cardiac procedures performed. The other key objectives of the programme are to bring to the island & the cardiac unit, much needed specialists, equipment, pharmaceuticals, and disposables to carry out these urgent procedures.
Chain of Hope Jamaica therefore seeks out partnerships and financial donations to mend more of these little hearts.

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