St. Ann’s Bay Hospital – Press Release


AFJ and Sandals Foundation Team Up to Refurbish St. Ann’s Bay Hospital Male Surgical Ward

New York, NY (Jan. 2, 2017) – The American Friends of Jamaica, Inc. (AFJ) in collaboration with the North East Regional Health Authority (NEHRA) commenced refurbishment of the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital Male Surgical Ward in December 2016. The project aims to improve conditions at the hospital so that patients and staff will function in a healthy and safe environment with better access to healthcare. Residents from nearby communities and visitors to the island will benefit from the upgrade of this facility.

In addition to cruise line and air visitors to popular tourist destination Ocho Rios, St. Ann’s Bay Hospital serves residents in communities in and around the parish of St. Ann. This is a Type “B” Hospital with a total bed capacity of 220 with bed occupancy at an average of 87%. The hospital accepts patients 24 hours and total staff count is currently 506. There is a shortage of beds and the staff struggle to maintain safety and quality patient care. Patients are discharged prematurely to accommodate new admissions and to avoid constant overspill.

The project scope includes replacing the doors, window, floor, beds and other equipment. The projected timeline for completion is 3-4 months. Quote – Tyrone Robinson Chairman NEHRA

The project was initiated with direct-donations from Jamaican businessman Mr. Sam Wright, President of Quality AutoMall in New Jersey who is originally from St. Ann. The AFJ is pleased to welcome a further partnership with Sandals Foundation. Additional donations were derived from AFJ fundraisers including gala pledges, online and private donations

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About the AFJ
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