Race Course Primary

Race Course Primary School, located in south Clarendon, used the 2015 grant from the AFJ to update their facilities that serve over 600 students. The project included the renovation of 4 separate facilities, 2 boys and 2 girls, replacing 12 face basins, 10 toilets, and 6 urinals overall, as well as the necessary tiling, partitions, and plumbing.

While Clarendon is rural and economically depressed, the bright and dynamic principal, Monica Smiley, makes use of all available resources to improve the school’s facilities and the quality of education. This year, 19 students were awarded scholarships for their outstanding performance. In the upcoming school year, the school will be purchasing a new stove for their canteen, and in August a fun day will be hosted at the school and backpacks, stationary, and other back-to-school supplies will be distributed. Race Course Primary has proven to be well-run and serving to students in extreme need.

Thanks to your support, the school has witnessed a major transformation. Below you will find pictures of the school and the 2015 grant project.