Criteria for Application

  1. The grantee should have a Board of Directors, governing body or independent entity to which the project administrator is responsible. The governing body or sponsor should hold regular meetings with the project administrator, as well as keep minutes of deliberations and decisions.
  2. The grantee should be registered under the Charities Act 2013 or be a school, a university or provide documentation supporting eligibility that will be considered by the AFJ Grants Committee.
  3. The project should have at least one person with operational responsibility for implementation of the project and administration of funds.
  4. The grantee should have a separate trust account for grant funds. Funds held for charitable purposes should be kept separately from funds held by the grantee for its administrative purposes.
  5.  The grantee should maintain clear and accurate financial records for its own operations that will provide AFJ with an understanding of the organization’s administrative expenses
  6. The grantee should be able to keep separate accounts for the project, showing all income and expenditure. These should be kept up-to-date, and AFJ will have the right to request and review at any time between initial disbursement of grant funds, and the final report.
  7.  The grantee should be able to produce comprehensive reports on the project. For past AFJ grantees, no additional funds will be granted if a final report has not been submitted in a timely manner.

Thank you for your interest in the American Friends of Jamaica. We appreciate the work you do to benefit Jamaicans and wish you every success during the coming year.