Executive Director’s Message 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters:
How would I describe this year?  Was it what we expected? Yes, I would say it was that and more. Thanks to our President, Board of Directors, Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Interns and the Team.
The Summer 2019 Newsletter, highlights activities that have inspired us on this year’s journey. We recognize the efforts and hard work of the program coordinators and the partners that provide logistical support to create successful programming each year. Transformation is
happening in a tangible way in the lives of many in Jamaica. More and more, the social fiber is no longer shaped by inequity but instead by progress. The future depends on young people’s access to health and education. Health and education are twin engines for economic growth. Human capital is one of the factors that attribute to prosperity. A good indicator of progress is when healthy, educated and empowered Jamaican youths elevate instead of being left behind.
We take the opportunity to serve, leverage relationships and enable meaningful connections a privilege.  Without your support, achieving our vision would be impossible. This is why we invite you to become more deeply involved. Please share our Newsletter with your circle of friends and family, join us on social media, share and like our posts. We look forward to welcoming you to our next fundraiser, the 2019 Hummingbird Gala in New York City. Stay tuned for our exciting auction catalog.
Thank you for joining us in celebrating this wonderful opportunity to be of service to Jamaica.
Stay Blessed,

Caron S. Chung

Executive Director