Margaret “Peggy” Steuart Scholarship Fund

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The Margaret “Peggy” Steuart Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for eligible students to earn a degree in Tourism Management at the University of West Indies.
Through investments in education, community service, and environmental protection and preservation, Half Moon Charities aims to find and support activities that have a real and long-lasting influence on Jamaicans' lives. Half Moon wholeheartedly believes in investing in education as it provides the younger generation with a solid foundation to become future leaders within their own families, communities, Jamaica, and the world.

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“To uplift and bring hope to disadvantaged children through education.”
Margaret "Peggy" Steuart, OD

Mrs. Steuart is one of 50 members of the Steuart Family, now in its fourth generation of Steuart involvement. An inspiration to those she meets, Mrs. Steuart has instilled in her children and grandchildren some very important principles which include respecting and contributing to the welfare of Montego Bay and the wider Jamaica. These guiding principles are the foundation of Half Moon, a resort with more than 800 employees who have contributed to its reputation as a landmark of world-class hospitality, one that lends itself to an inviting and memorable Jamaican experience.

A woman with over 50 years of associations with educational and charitable institutions, including being a Board member of the American Friends of Jamaica, Mrs. Steuart believes in continuously doing her part to make a difference. She enjoys her long-standing relationship with Jamaica, and remains steadfast in her belief in, and dedication to the nation’s welfare and development. In October 2017, Mrs. Steuart was formally recognized at the National Honours and Awards Ceremony. She was awarded the Order of Distinction (OD) in the rank of Officer for her significant contribution to nation building. 


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