2018 Grant Recipients

The AFJ held its annual Grant Award Ceremony at the US Embassy in Kingston on April 17, 2018. Forty-one organizations received grants at the ceremony, bringing the total amounts of the grants for the year to nearly US$600,000.

2018 awards photo Fr holung

Members of the Board of the AFJ, Executive Director Caron Chung with grantees Missionaries of the Poor.

2018 Grant Recipients


Discretionary Grants

Adult Learning Centres of Jamaica$3,900Purchase of teaching materials to help strengthen the current Adult Literacy programme.Kingston
Caribbean American Centers of NY$2,500Purchase of school supplies for five adopted schools in the Parish of St. Elizabeth.St. Elizabeth
Do Good Jamaica$22,000Crayons Count, is a campaign to support early childhood education and development.Kingston
Educare Foundation Jamaica Limited$875The School Leadership Award Program developed specifically to work with schools to promote healthy lifestyles among school children.St. Elizabeth
Franciscan Sisters$12,000The installation of laptops and multimedia projectors to update the computer literacy of the St. Joseph’s Infant School’s community.


Good Shepherd$10,000Acquisition of equipment needed to help the working poor attain and maintain good healthcareMontego Bay
Heartsease United Youth Club$5,000Supplies assistance and homework club for around 500 challenged students; after-school facility for around 100 students.St. Thomas
INSIGHTS in Jamaica Programme$15,000Provides parents and teachers insights into childhood behaviours and strategies to address violent and negative behaviours.Kingston
Issa Trust$10,000Development of a neonatal ward at the Annotto Bay Hospital.St. Mary
Jamaica Association for the Deaf$10,000Renovating of the chicken feeding programme at the school.St. Ann
Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)$7,800Facilitation of workshops teaching educators, counselors, childcare workers, and school administrators how to identify and respond to child abuse, exploitation, and sexual violence against children.Island-wide
JASY$2,500JASY Summer camp program for inner city youths – a week long sports training camp for 150 youths; utilizes sports training to improve self-esteem, physical fitness, teamwork, values, and cross-cultural learning.Kingston & St. Andrew
Maxfield Park Children’s Home Limited$5,000The purchase of agricultural supplies to help teach Special Needs children how to maintain equipment and garden vegetables.Kingston
Peace Management Initiative Western (PMI)$20,000Funding of a football tournament and life skills session for youths. The skills sessions will include conflict mediation, communication, and interview skills.St. James
Trees That Feed Foundation$3,800Purchase of equipment needed to promote the Jeffrey Town Project. The project provided 2,000 breadfruit trees, 10 sets of fruit processing equipment and training to approximately 500 women.St. Mary
Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation$10,000An enrichment program to help adolescent mothers academically keep up with their peers.Island-wide
Oracabessa Foundation$200Environmental and youth programsSt. Mary
Rockhouse Foundation$250School building project in Westmoreland.Westmoreland


Donor-Directed Grants

Alpha Boy’s School$39,040New Deejay training program funded by Irie Foundation to teach students mixing and selecting techniques and prepare them for a career in the DJ trade.Kingston & St. Andrew
Back A Yaad Scholarship$1,000Funding scholarships to students.St. Ann
Breds Foundation$2,618Funding teachers’ salaries and programs at community schools.St. Elizabeth
Bull Savanah Primary$5,700Fund scholarships for graduates to attend secondary and tertiary institutions.St. Elizabeth
Busy 2020 Helping Hands Foundation$5,000Funds healthcare and back to school programs.St. Ann
Child Resiliency$27,000Year-long after school intervention for 60 children identified as “at risk for violence” from 5 inner-city primary schools, plus 30 parents.St. James
Craighead All Age School$23,500Instillation of a permanent fence to secure the students and the school environment.


Downtown Kingston Musical Theatre$1,050Travel for students from the program to a Music Festival in the US.


Fight for Peace$10,000FightingWords introduces a literature club in six inner-city communities with low levels of literacy and high levels of violence.Kingston & St. Andrew
Food for the Poor$1,000General donation for charities to support the poor.Island-wide
Friends of Good Shepherd$1,000Healthcare Clinic in Montego Bay.St. James
Friends of Hopewell$9,700Computer skills development program for children and adults at Bethel Primary and Hanover Homecoming Ltd Community Office.Hanover
Good Shepherd$10,000Helps the working poor of Montego Bay and Western Jamaica to receive affordable medical, dental, and optical treatment at the Hope Health Teaching clinic.St. James
Gore Foundation$5,037.50Funds for basic school programs, including the model Play & Stay Tennis program, which uses play as a point of introduction to raising school wide standards.Island-wide
Hurricane Relief Fund$30,000Hurricane relief fundraiser – funds were used to purchase generators for Dominica and the repair of a school in Turks & Caicos.
International University of the Caribbean$3,000Student Scholarships.Kingston
Jamaica Association for the Deaf$1,970JAD’s mission is to effectively manage the resources for education, hearing, social services, and advocacy, in collaboration with key partners for the advancement of Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons.St. Ann
Jamaica Cancer Society$7,850To support screening tests.Island-wide
Jamaica Conservation Partners$22,500Environmental programs.Island-wide
Jamaica Environmental Trust$5,000Environmental programs.Island-wide
Jamaica Independence Foundation Inc.$400Community programs.Island-wide
Jamaica Society for the Blind$1,000General donation for charities to support the poor.Kingston
JSPCA$1,970Exists to promote kindness to animals, prevent abuse and reduce fear, pain, and suffering.Island-wide
Kingston Public Hospital$20,500Autoclave and additional equipment acquisition for the operating room.Kingston
Law Street Trade Center $2,000Training programs in inner city communities.Kingston
Morant Bay Primary School $7,675School support.St. Thomas
Mt Alvernia High School $14,350The creation of a computer lab that will help increase the computer literacy of the school’s community.St James
Missionaries of the Poor$10,300Help Missionaries of the poor give aid with food, clothing, and shelter to those who need it most all while spreading the Faith.Kingston
Mustard Seed

Blessed Assurance

$2,411is committed to the care of abandoned children afflicted with HIV/AIDS ensuring they can live their lives under the best possible social, medical and education conditions.Island-wide
Ocho Rios Library$5,000Renovation of the Ocho Rios Library with a focus on the tots area.St. Ann
Rose Town Foundation$34,033provides an after-school program at Rose Town Library for residents in and around the community.Rose Town
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church$5,000General donation to a church that provides for the poor of the St. James area.St. James
Sacred Heart School$4,750provides a high quality of primary education to students three to twelve years.St. James
Savanna La Mar Hospital$5,000Donation towards the purchase of operating room equipment.Westmoreland
St. Ann’s Bay Hospital$57,843Refurbishment of the male surgical ward which facilitates up to 40 patients.St. Ann
St. Mary’s Prepatory$5,000Supporting school that serves the rural poor of St. JamesSt. James
St. Patrick’s Foundation$4,750Imparts relevant skills and provide opportunities and care to at-risk youth and residents of low income communities.Kingston &

St. Catherine

Team Shaggy4Kids$4,966.89Improvements to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Bustamante Hospital for ChildrenKingston & St. Andrew
Tech Beach$5,000Support of conference to stimulate economic developmentIsland-wide
Trench Town Elderly Feeding Programme$2,850Feeds several elders in the Eira Schader Home in Trench Town.Trench Town
United Way of Jamaica$1,000Mobilizes resources for the private voluntary sector to usher in a better Jamaica.


University of the West Indies$5,000
UWI – Amb. Cobb$2,261
UWI – Amb. Cooper$1,455
UWI – Amb. Holden$6,062.50
UWI – Ralph and Ricky Lauren Bursary$4,850
UWI -AFJ Scholarship$1,000
Women’s Leadership$1,000Builds bridges of cooperation in developing, implementing, and sustaining projects, which contribute to the well-being of all Jamaicans.Island-wide
Woman’s Inc.$600Strengthens the position of Jamaican women through providing support services, public education, & advocating for legislative changes.Kingston
YUTE$21,909provides construction training, life skills, mentorship, employment, and civic engagement over the 20-month project for 150 youth from 30 underserved inner-city communities, while supplying meals and transportation stipends.Kingston & St. Andrew