Virtual Robotics Jamaica

by: Musson Foundation

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Virtual Robotics Jamaica consists of 6 competitions as part of the WRO Robot Virtual Games (Jamaica & International finals) and the Halls of Learning Robotics League. The Halls of Learning Robotics League consists of 4 tournaments for each of the 3 age groups: Under 13, Under 16 and Under 20.

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The future of STEAM education is here! Together we can ensure our children are prepared for the careers of the future.

Each HOL Robotics League Tournament has a particular theme and each age group has a topic within that theme that the robotics challenge is based upon. The challenge themes are set within real life problems while aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, and the World Economic Forum 2025 job requirements. The activities within the Challenge engage students in The Future of Energy; COVID-19 Challenges; Supporting SMEs; Rebuilding the Economy; Deforestation; Mining; Autonomous Cars and Smart Cities. There is therefore a unique opportunity for students to learn about the real life problems (and real life solutions) that they are competing to solve in the tournament.

The top 3 teams from each category of the WRO Robot Virtual Games Jamaica finals will have the opportunity to participate in the WRO Online finals. Teams will have to have their own robot and materials.

Virtual Robotics Jamaica is a part of #codejamaica that provides programs that can slot into the curriculum in schools. The challenges have support for children but can be used in a fun way inside the school day with guidance from teachers and empower students to learn on their own if they would like to.