The Treasure Beach Health Clinic

by: Breds TB Foundation

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This program has been created to serve a rural Jamaican community with low access to healthcare. The clinic will focus on providing treatment and medicine for chronic health problems such as diabetes and hypertension, and will be equipped to deal with other health issues, at no or very low cost.

Support This Cause
A small donation goes far in this program, providing basic healthcare to those in need.

For the past twelve years, a small, dedicated group of physicians, nurses, medical students and other volunteers from the US and Jamaica have come together to conduct an annual free clinic for people in the Treasure Beach area, serving hundreds of people in the course of a week, and providing medications and follow up as needed. As the program expanded, our small group of volunteers petitioned the Jamaican Ministries of Health and Education to help us establish a permanent clinic in the area, and were given the use of a cottage on the grounds of an elementary school.

For the past year and half we have been renovating and retrofitting the cottage, developing pipelines for low-cost medications and supplies, and making plans to open as soon as the pandemic permits, initially with a full time nurse and with visiting doctors, medical students and specialists working alongside local volunteers. No one is paid for their services, and we have funded all efforts out of our own pockets. We do understand that now it is time to mobilize other people who want to be part of our vision of caring for the people of Jamaica’s South Coast.