The Alpha Boys Band First Live Performance

by: The Alpha Institute

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The Alpha Institute provides academic, vocational and social services to at-risk youth in the greater Kingston area. Trade training in music revolves around a band programme and the Alpha Boys Band is the main performance ensemble.

Support This Cause
A donation to the Alpha Boys Band is a gift that keeps on giving.

Since 1892, the Alpha Boys Band has been a critical platform in helping at risk youth in Jamaica become professional musicians as well as productive members of society. The accomplishments of youth band members on stage often propels them to greater things and inspires younger students to work hard to achieve the same or more. The Alpha Boys Band is in fact the reigning ‘Best School Band in Jamaica’ champion. Today, in order to reach its goals, the band requires even more support to meet COVID protocols and connect with the audience through audio and video streaming. Your support is needed to sponsor the first live performance of the Alpha Boys Band.

Music education experts say performance is a critical step in the development of a young
musician and the quicker they perform on stage the better. The Alpha Institute needs help raising
funds for production and rehearsals as well as sound and light for the performance itself. Join the
Alpha community in providing this special opportunity to take the stage for at-risk youth in
Kingston today. Let’s work together to keep Jamaica working.