Protection for RISE Staff and Clients

by: RISE Life Management Services

Support This Cause

RISE is located in the inner city community of Parade Gardens and serves walk-in clients who come to us seeking drug testing and counselling for addictive disorders, photo copying, as well as Justice of the Peace services.

Support This Cause
Help us provide safety equipment for RISE staff and clients.

Since RISE is now making preparations to re-open to the public, the need for protective equipment in the front office which houses three staff members became evident.

The spaces were measured and a procurement exercise was done to purchase three clear acrylic screen dividers amounting to a total cost of J$169,280.00.

RISE opened its offices to employees on June 1st, however will not re-open the physical space to the public until these safety dividers are purchased and in place.

RISE would therefore like to request a donation of US$1000, which will cover the cost of the dividers with support and hardware. Also, an exemption for the GCT will be requested.