Protection and Hygiene Kits

by: RISE Life Management Services

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Currently, inner city communities, the most densely populated areas in Jamaica, are unlikely to have adequate access to 2 main protections against COVID-19: A mask and hand soap. RISE will distribute Protection and Hygiene Packages including masks, soaps and an informational flyer to inner city communities.

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Help us keep inner city communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For over 30 years the little NGO who could, has made its imprint on thousands of lives in communities across Jamaica by providing life changing skills, education, mentoring and counseling for at risk populations. For the clients it serves, RISE has been the DIFFERENCE between hopelessness and hope and in some cases life and death.

The tools RISE provides through its many interventions EMPOWER the individual to CHANGE her or his circumstances for the BETTER.

RISE is associated with NGOs throughout the island which will increase effective distribution of the packages. RISE will therefore distribute a quantity of packages in Kingston and in other parishes where partner NGOs are located. The informational flyer included in the package will provide information on how to properly wash your hands and wear a mask, and emphasize the importance of social distancing. The mental health hotline number will also be included.