COVID-19 Relief Care Packages

by: LASCO Chin Foundation

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The LASCO Chin Foundation is working to curb the cycle of poverty and crime among vulnerable groups, especially at-risk youths in Jamaica. The COVID-19 crisis has negatively impacted the most vulnerable. Partner with us to provide Relief Care Packages to those families most in need.

Support This Cause
Help us to provide well-needed care packages of food, personal care and household items families in need.

The world faces an unprecedented threat in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis which has severely affected the most vulnerable communities and economies across the world.

Here in Jamaica, it has resulted in an economic downturn which has impacted the livelihood, physical and mental well-being of individuals and families, especially our most vulnerable.

In keeping with our mission and objective to help vulnerable groups, especially at-risk youths, break the cycle of poverty and crime, as well as to relieve persons in need, the LASCO Chin Foundation invites you to partner with us in providing COVID-19 Relief Care Packages of food, personal and household items to those most in need!

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