Jamaica Legion Poppy Appeal (JLPA)

by: Jamaica Legion

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The Jamaica Legion Poppy Appeal (JLPA) is established to ensure that the financial, social, physical, mental welfare needs of Ex-Servicemen are adequately provided. The charitable support of well-wishers is an indispensable source of funds for the care of these veterans in Jamaica.

Support This Cause
They answered the call and fought for our Freedoms; Let us answer the call to show we care.

Annually on the first Sunday in October, His Excellency, the Governor-General of Jamaica, who is also the Grand Patron of the National Poppy Appeal, launches the National Poppy Appeal Drive. The poppy is used as a symbol of ongoing appreciation for the sacrifices made by Jamaica’s military personnel who have served our nation’s interest in countless ways – fighting in World Wars I and II, serving regional stability (Grenada, Haiti), providing Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (COVID-19, Hurricane/earthquake relief -– Bahamas, Dominica, Haiti) In as much as the poppy symbolizes bloodshed, sacrifice, resilience, and hope, the JLPA promotes a similar spirit of selflessness, and teamwork in order to overcome all challenges to guarantee a brighter future. Together, let us remember them.
We encourage your financial contribution to this worth cause, as we strive to take care of
persons who fought for our freedom