Emergency COVID-19 Aid for Hospitals

by: CVSS

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Jamaica’s Public Health Services are buckling under the strain of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations due to the Delta surge. The Ministry of Health and Wellness has made a plea for assistance in the procurement of critical medical equipment. The situation is dire with the number of patients currently exceeding hospital capacity.

Image: The Gleaner Co. (Media) Ltd

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Help us support Jamaica’s hospitals in the fight against COVID-19

This effort is a short-term campaign to address the current shortfall in medical equipment and supplies that are in urgent demand. Additionally, it seeks to acquire equipment that will enable public health facilities to respond to an increased demand due to another wave of COVID-19 or any pandemic in the future. CVSS will partner with Food for the Poor for the coordination of the freight and logistical services from Miami, Florida to Kingston, Jamaica. Our partners in the UK, the Jarrett Foundation, will coordinate the shipments from the UK. The CVSS will be responsible for project execution.

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